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What’s a Minneapolis summer without PBR, bikes, and half-naked hipsters? Add one part patriotism and one part bike enthusiasts, minus the clothes and stir well. This equals the Freedom from Pants Ride. The slow-paced bike ride with a few stops for BYOB drinking returned to the Soap Factory in time for fireworks and the Ten Second Film Festival. PHOTOS BY TAYLOR PAINO on July 4, 2012.

Holy shit this was the most fun I’ve had on the fourth. Hundreds of half naked people biking through downtown and ending at Lake Calhoun for a swim, paired with some nice cold beers, what more do you need?




The only site that makes it easy for apartment renters and homebuyers to find neighborhoods where they can drive less and live more, announced today the long anticipated launch of Bike Score(TM). Bike Score is the only quantitative measure of the bikeability of a location based on the availability of bike lanes, hilliness, road connectivity, nearby amenities, and the percent of people in that area who bike to work.

“Bicycling saves money on gas and fosters better health and a cleaner environment. But the best part about it is not being trapped in traffic. Biking can turn your commute into the best part of your day,” said Josh Herst, CEO, Walk Score. “Across the country, biking is growing in popularity and we’re excited to celebrate Bike to Work Week by introducing Bike Score to help more people find bicycle friendly places to live.”

Top 10 Most Bikeable Cities

1. Minneapolis (bike score:79)
2. Portland (bike score:70)
3. San Francisco (bike score:70)
4. Boston (bike score:68)
5. Madison (bike score:67)
6. Washington, D.C. (bike score:65)
7. Seattle (bike score:64)
8. Tucson (bike score:64)
9. New York (bike score:62)
10. Chicago (bike score:62)

via Market Watch - Wall Street Journal

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